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First 50 songs you should fingerpick on guitar
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ALICE'S RESTAURANT|Annie's song / Denver John|Babe I'm gonna leave you / Led Zeppelin|The boxer / Simon + Garfunkel|CAN'T FIND MY WAY HOME|BLACKBIRD / Beatles|CLASSICAL GAS / Williams Mason|DANNY'S SONG|DEAR PRUDENCE / Beatles|Deep river blues|Desperate man blues|DIAMONDS AND RUST / Baez Joan|Don't think twice it's all right|Dust in the wind / Kansas|EMBRYONIC JOURNEY|The entertainer / Joplin Scott|FALLING SLOWLY / Hansard Glen + Irglova Marketa|Fire And Rain / Taylor James|FOREVER|FREIGHT TRAIN|FROM THE MORNING|Going To California / Led Zeppelin|Greensleeves|HARD TIME KILLING FLOOR BLUES|HELL HOUND ON MY TRAIL|HELLO IN THERE|HELPLESSLY HOPING|HORIZONS|IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE / Pink Floyd|Jiffy jam|JULIA|LITTLE MARTHA|Make me a pallet on the floor|Million years ago / Adele|MONA RAY|MOOD FOR A DAY|Needle of death / Jansch Bert|Never going back again|NINE POUND HAMMER|Puff the magic dragon|ROAD TRIPPIN'|Sailing to Philadelphia|Shape of my heart|STOP THIS TRAIN|Tears in heaven / Clapton Eric|Time in a bottle|Vincent (Starry starry night) / McLean Don|When the children cry|THE WIND|Cavatina

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