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Das zweite Album des neo-traditionalistischen LA-Singer/Songwriter perfektioniert den SoCal Country-Sound: Sonnenverwaschen und mit Baja-beeinflusstem Twang.nnDas zweite Album des neo-traditionalistischen LA-Singer/Songwriter perfektioniert den SoCal Country -Sound: Sonnenverwaschen und mit TexMex-beeinflusstem Twang. Sam Outlaw ist ein junger Singer / Songwriter aus Los Angeles. Sein neues Album Tenderheart versammelt Steel - Guitar getränkte County - Instant - Klassiker, tief verwurzelt in West Coast Coolness und Südstaaten Countryrock. Der Mächenname seiner Mutter ist übrigens wirklich Outlaw. Den Kern der Outlaw-Band bilden neben Sam noch Bo Koster (My Morning Jacket), Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers) und Chuy Guzman (Linda Ronstadt). Auf Tournee war er bereits mit Künstlern wie Delta Spirit, Dawes, Clint Black, Sheryl Crow, Aaron Watson, Asleep at the Wheel. Stream Tenderheart-Album Sam Outlaw - one of Los Angeles s only modern country artists - was presented with the International Album of the Year Award for his acclaimed, Ry and Joachim Cooder produced debut album Angeleno at the UK Americana Awards 2017. Tenderheart, is his much anticipated sophomore LP. The 13-track collection of originals was recorded in the San Fernando Valley and co-produced by Outlaw alongside Martin Pradler. Outlaw enlisted many of the same musicians that made his first album, 2015 s Angeleno, an undisputed breakthrough and one of the best-reviewed debuts of that year: harmony singer Molly Jenson, pedal steel pro Jeremy Long and guitarist Danny Garcia, along with Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) and Bo Koster (My Morning Jacket). In addition, Tenderheart features local mariachi group Erwin Vasquez and Mariachi Teocuitatlan. Outlaw offers an extraordinary refinement of the artistic identity laid out on Angeleno . Sonically, the album elaborates on his SoCal Country sound: a sun-bleached, Baja-influenced twang that deftly points to country s neo-traditionalists and LA s legendary singer-songwriters. Thematically, Tenderheart is a thesis on self-discovery and the power of love - Outlaw meditates on his own conflicted quest for peace amidst the chaos of his chosen path. TRACKS: 1. Everyone's Looking For Home 2. Bottomless Mimosas 3. Bougainvillea, I Think 4. Tenderheart 5. Trouble 6. She's Playing Hard To Get (Rid Of) 7. Two Broken Hearts 8. Diamond Ring 9. Say It To Me 10. All My Life 11. Dry In The Sun 12. Now She Tells Me 13. Look At You Now

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