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Deadpool (Peek-a-Boo) Metal Drinks Bottle
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Hey you, yeah you, don’t skip past this. It’s me, Deadpool, all-round awesome human here to tell you about this super awesome Metal Bottle, featuring Moi. This bottle holds 550ml of any tasty beverage and is double walled to keep said beverage the perfect temperature. Honestly, I don’t think a better bottle exists… Nailed it, now for the chimichangas.

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Stand: 21.10.2020
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Space Force , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 573min
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Discover Space Force, the number one Audible best-selling novel by New York Times best seller Jeremy Robinson, and ask yourself, "Who thought this was a good idea?"Five years ago, the US Space Force became a reality. And while those writing the checks took things very seriously, the other military branches did not. As a result, Space Force was populated by undesirables: men and women who made too many mistakes, didn't follow the rules, or...slept with the wrong general's daughter. Three times. On camera. It was a mistake, okay?My name is Captain Ethan Stone, a decorated member of SEAL Team Six turned Space Force "recruit". While the powers-that-be attempted to make Space Force an embarrassment, they also sent some of the very best minds, fighters, and pilots to the program, because sometimes the best of us decide to take a stand against those same powers. Yeah, yeah. Not me. Though I seem to recall I was standing when...sorry. It's a distracting memory.Flash forward five years and between tenses. President West is in office. Power has shifted. And Space Force is defunded. With just a handful of us still living on base, we find ourselves being evicted. But before all of us can leave, aliens invade. Really ugly ones, too. Super nasty. I don't think I could describe them here without getting the audiobook banned.Anywho, using their advanced technology, they seal off Space Force Command behind a shrinking force field and kick off a battle royale to the death. Human vs. alien. To the victors goes the Earth. While my boy Frank Taylor and I throw down inside the force field, my main squeeze, First Lieutenant Jennifer Hale, leads an international strike team into freakin' space. It's nuts. Crazy action. Super funny, too, in like a Deadpool way, if that's your thing.The only way to really know what went down is to snag a copy of this audiobook and listen to it for 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer, Emily Woo Zeller, Machelle Williams. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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