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Building wealth toward retirement and finally enjoying the fruits of decades of labor seems more difficult these days. Maybe it’s because of inflation (higher prices) for health care, education, costs of living, rent, and so many other necessary expenses.When our parents were working, big and stable pensions were the norm. If you worked hard and stayed with a company for many decades, you would be rewarded with a hefty pension. Well, unfortunately, those days are over.Companies are cutting costs anywhere they can to show better profits. Unfortunately for this generation, we must take retirement into our own hands.Now, that may seem daunting, but if you save money, invest it properly. You can outperform any pension that your parents or their grandparents own/owned.I know what you’re thinking. It seems almost impossible to save for retirement. You barely get any interest in your bank account. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting less than zero point one percent interest on my saving account! Given this problem, let me ask you three questions:What if I told you there was a successful investment strategy that could provide a stream of predictable cash flow for decades?What if I told you there was an investment strategy that would allow you to live off two percent to five percent of your portfolio for life without having to sell stock or touch your principal?What if I told you the most successful investor in the world followed this one strategy. Hint: It’s Warren Buffett, and he’s worth over 75 billion dollars! That’s 75 followed by nine zeroes!Some of you might think it’s a super secretive strategy that only hedge funds or ultra-wealthy one-percenters have access to. That’s not true at all!With enough learning and research, you too can implement this strategy and really change your life.All right, ready for this amazing investing strategy? It is called dividend investing./ 1. Language: English. Narrator: Peter R. Ormond. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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