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Danielle In Love (Danielle Diva Dog, #3)
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Have You Ever Been in Love? It's a wonderful feeling. For a while. You think you have found Mr. Right. (Or Ms. Right, as the case may be. But I'm talking about me, Danielle, in this situation.) But what happens when another Mr. Right comes along? What do you do then? Some folks would say that's a good problem to have. But really, it isn't. Not when you have a lot of other problems to deal with. Like what? Like my human, Jeffrey, going broke. What are we going to eat, Jeffrey? Have you thought about that??? Like saving my first Mr. Right from a purple Duck Boat in the Charles River. Which I was happy to do, of course, but it's hard on the nerves when something like that happens. Like going to a wedding that is not mine. Like-at that wedding-meeting up with my second Mr.Right while the first one watches us. Talk about awkward! Like going to the funeral of one of my best friends at the dog park. Talk about sad! Like having to go to Take Your Dog to Work day. Like surviving Take Your Dog to Work Day. And then, just when I thought I was going to have a really good summer, with maybe the real Mr. Right coming into my life…. Stay tuned.

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