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Recaredo Cava Tribut Segona Plenitud 1996 Trocken
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Der einzigartige Jahrgangscava von 1996 wurde aus 80% Xarel.lo und 20% Chardonnay vinifiziert. Xarel.lo reifte über 10 Monate im Barrique. EIn Cava mit großer Komplexität und sehr breiter Aromapalette. Robert Parker's WineAdvocat lobt mit 97 Punkten: \"The 1996 Segona Plenitud · 20 Años De Crianzae is another unique and limited sparkling Cava from Recaredo. It's a blend of 80% Xarello and 20% Chardonnay that they produced for the change of the millennium and their 75th anniversary. The Xarello was aged in barrique for ten months, and the Chardonnay fermented and was kept in stainless steel. It has a very smoky nose, with plenty of yeasts, bread dough and toast, combining the notes from the barrel and the long aging in bottle in contact with the lees. It has lots of complexity of aromas and flavors, with a touch of mushroom that made me think of a Roquefort cheese. It's very tasty, different, with great complexity and youth. The bubbles are so integrated that they make it nicely textured. It's a white wine with just a spark. It's a game of acidity and bitterness, as they never play with sweetness, and it's what makes their Cavas unique. This is really complex and unique, even within their wines. The complexity and freshness make it really one of the best sparkling wines I have tasted from Spain. It was disgorged in February 2018, 240 months after it was put in bottle. They plan to release some 200 bottles as an oenothèque.\" (Luis Gutiérrez, April 2018)

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The Vamps - Cherry Blossom LP
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Earlier this year the new album 'Cherry Blossom' was sent to their label. As far as everyone was concerned it was finished, with singles just left to be decided on. They knew they had a strong collection of bangers and ballads that told the story of a band re-born, but they weren't entirely certain about which song should properly mark the start of The Vamps Part 2. That's when Zoom really came into its own. “On the day we handed the album in I went on a Zoom call with Lostboy” explains Brad. “We had a few beers and then four hours later Married in Vegas was birthed.” James adds: “I was playing Playstation with my mates and it was about 11pm and I was pretty drunk too actually. Then Brad FaceTimed me and he was like 'I've just written this song!'. I love moments like that because even when you think something's done it can still change at the last minute. Suddenly the race to be Cherry Blossom's lead single was won by a brand new song, a clear sign that their creative juices were in full flow. The Vamps, aka Brad Simpson, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and James McVey, had never really had the chance to be bored before 2020 struck. Since their platinum-selling debut album, Meet The Vamps, crashed into the UK charts at number 2 in 2014, the band have been holding onto a dream-like rush of albums (four in total, including 2017's chart-topping Night & Day (Night Edition), featuring the Matoma-assisted global smash All Night), singles (eight top 40 hits including five top 10s), and world tours (they're the first band to headline London's O2 Arena five years in a row). Having been on the treadmill of album, tour, album-recorded-on-tour, another tour, they fell back into the old routine and wrote half an album quickly 18 months ago. Some proper time off was needed however, so they indulged in that rare thing of space away from the band. Then, last summer, unhappy with the results of those early sessions, they booked some AirBnbs and just hung out and started jamming as the band. “We ended scrapping all of the first batch of songs and starting again,” McVey says. This time gave the band the space to meticulously plan exactly what they wanted the album to be and what they wanted to say. 'Cherry Blossom' was born, a title that is a reflection of the theme of rebirth that runs throughout. In the space of just six years The Vamps have morphed from bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boyband with instruments into a proper fully-fledged pop band crafting arena-sized Hits. On Cherry Blossom, that musicality that's occasionally been lost in frantic release schedules and world tours and award shows has been given the time to properly, well, blossom. This isn't a vehicle for pop's current crop of in demand songwriters and producers, this is a Vamps-lead project that's made all the more impressive by the fact it was honed and finessed during lockdown. “We'd be lying if we said we didn't want it to go out into the world and be received positively,” says Simpson of their hopes for the album. “But ultimately we love it so much, and that feeling of self-fulfilment is so exciting. These are songs that really touch on parts of our lives.” He smiles. “The songs mean that little bit more.” Track Listing – 1. Glory Days - Intro 2. Glory Days 3. Better 4. Married In Vegas 5. Chemicals 6. Would You 7. Bitter 8. Part Of Me 9. Protocol 10. Nothing But You 11. Treading Wate

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