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• “I don’t want to be called a jazz singer, though I certainly have some roots there. I’m not a cult singer either because after being called a legend that sounds too much like an epitaph. I think of myself as a songwriter’s singer. All the great Broadway and Hollywood teams are in my repertoire, along with contemporary people. Writers bring their songs to me because they rely on me to define their work with respect. That’s very flattering.” BLOSSOM DEARIE• “Fabulous! Her voice, her tremendous feeling for every song she sings, gives her music a very rare and special warmth.” SCOTT ENGEL• New Yorker journalist Whitney Balliett once wrote that her tiny wisp of a voice “would scarcely reach the second story of a doll’s house”, while jazz critic Leonard Feather described it as “a voice in a million”. Blossom Dearie pursued a singular career that blurred the line between jazz and cabaret, her little girl style rich with hidden sensuality, her interpretations full of sensitivity and wit.• After graduation, Blossom ventured to the late Forties New York City of Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker to immerse herself in be-bop, playing cocktail piano to get by. Opportunities to record eventually arrived in the form of vocalise sessions for Dave Lambert and Buddy Stewart and for Stan Getz, the contribution of an eight-bar vocal to a record by King Pleasure and in 1952 a historic piano session behind Annie Ross, alongside Milt Jackson, Percy Heath and Kenny Clarke, no less, an aggregation that under the direction of John Lewis would soon emerge as the Modern Jazz Quartet.• Blossom then accepted an invitation from Barclay Records to move to Paris, where she formed an eight piece mixed vocal group, The Blue Stars of France. They recorded an album and enjoyed a domestic hit with a French-language version of George Shearing’s eternal ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ arranged by Michel Legrand, whose sister Christiane was a member of the group (The Blue Stars would evolve into Les Double Six and The Swingle Singers). In Paris, Blossom would meet her husband, the Belgian flautist Bobby Jaspar (the couple recording an EP together, hard on the heels of her souflee-light instrumental debut album, Jazz Sweet). While in Europe Blossom also met the impresario Norman Granz, who encouraged Blossom to return to New York to record her vocal debut album for his new label Verve. That benchmark album, produced by Granz and featuring Herb Ellis, Ray Brown and Jo Jones, retains a particular mystique and his considered to be up there with her best work.• All of the aforementioned recordings – The Verve album, Jazz Sweet, the EP with Bobby Jaspar, The Blue Stars recordings and the early sessions are included in this 3 CD box set presentation along with The Perfect Sound – The Jazz Flute of Bobby Jaspar, which includes some of his most sublime performances in recordings with the trombonist J.J Johnson, pianist Hank Jones, vibraphonists Milt Jackson, Michel Hausser and John Rae, with trumpeter Donald Byrd, guitarists Barry Galbraith, Sacha Distel and fellow Belgian Rene Thomas, the vocalist Helen Merrill with Bill Evans, and finally three finely sculpted tracks accompanying Blossom on her 1959 album, “My Gentleman Friend”.DISC ONEBOBBY JASPAR andBLOSSOM DEARIE EP (1956)1. OLD DEVIL MOON2. AUTUMN IN NEW YORK3. FLAMINGO4. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOUJAZZ SWEET / BLOSSOM DEARIE PLAYS “APRIL IN PARIS” (1956)5. THE CONTINENTAL6. THE BOY NEXT DOOR7. THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME8. MOONLIGHT SAVING TIME9. THE SURREY WITH THE FRINGE ON TOP10. APRIL IN PARIS11. BLUE MOON12. DOWN IN THE DEPTHS OF THE 90th FLOORTHE BLUE STARS OF FRANCE – LULLABY OF BIRDLAND AND OTHER FAMOUS HITS (1954)13. LÉGENDE DU PAYS AUX OISEAUX (LULLABY OF BIRDLAND)14. TOUT BAS (SPEAK LOW)15. GINA16. PLUS JE T’EMBRASSE (HEART OF MY HEART)17. TOUTE MA JOIE (THAT’S MY GIRL)18. LES LAVANDIÈRES DU PORTUGAL (THE PORTUGUESE WASHERWOMAN)19. MISTER L’AMOUR (MISTER SANDMAN)20. EN 1920 (IN 1920)21. EMBRASSE MOI BIEN (HOLD ME CLOSE)22. LETTRE À VIRGINIE23. LA DANSE DU BAISER (THE KISSING DANCE)24. MAMBO ITALIANOBLUE STARS EP (1956)25. JUMPIN’ AT THE WOODSIDE26. C’EST LA VIE27. BROADWAY AT BASIN STREET28. GRAPEVINEFROM PARDON MY ENGLISH29. MOVEDISC TWOBLOSSOM DEARIE (1956)1. DEED I DO2. LOVER MAN3. EVERYTHING I’VE GOT4. COMMENT ALLEZ VOUS5. MORE THAN YOU KNOW6. THOU SWELL7. IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING8. TOUT DOUCEMENT9. YOU FOR ME10. NOW AT LAST11. I HEAR MUSIC12. WAIT TILL YOU SEE HER13. I WON’T DANCE14. A FINE SPRING MORNING15. THEY SAY IT’S SPRING16. JOHNNY ONE NOTEONCE UPON A SUMMERTIME (1958)17. THE SURREY WITH THE FRINGE ON TOPTHE BLUE STARS 7″ SINGLE (1956)18. CHEROKEE19. ALL AT ONCEWITH DAVE LAMBERT, BUDDY STEWART, GERRY MULLIGAN, AL HAIG (1948)20. IN THE MERRY LAND OF BOP21. HOT HALAVAHWITH STAN GETZ (1949)22. BE STILL TV23. SHORT P, NOT LPWITH ANNIE ROSS SINGIN’ AND SWINGIN’ (1952)24. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT25. I’M BEGINNING TO THINK YOU CARE26. BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA27. EVERYTIMEWITH KING PLEASURE (1952)28. I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVEDISC THREETHE PERFECT SOUNDThe Jazz Flute Of Bobby Jaspar1. IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING – The J.J. Johnson Quintet2. MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU – Hank Jones Quartet3. TUTTI FRUTTI – Bobby Jaspar Quintet4. IN A LITTLE PROVINCIAL TOWN – Bobby Jaspar Quintet5. BAGS NEW GROOVE – Milt Jackson6. STOP AND GO – Bobby Jaspar-Sacha Distel Quintet7. BULL MARKET – Barry Galbraith8. NINA NEVER KNEW – Barry Galbraith9. A GAL IN CALICO – Barry Galbraith10. I LIKE TO RECOGNISE THE TUNE – Barry Galbraith11. WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT – Helen Merrill12. FLUTE BLUES – Donald Byrd13. PHENIL ISOPROPIL AMINE – Bobby Jaspar14. CHEZ MOI – Blossom Dearie & Bobby Jaspar15. BOUM – Blossom Dearie & Bobby Jaspar16. L’ETANG – Blossom Dearie & Bobby Jaspar17. AH-LEU-CHA – John Rae18. HANNIE’S DREAM – Rene Thomas-Bobby Jasper Quintet19. BERNIE’S TASTE – Rene Thomas-Bobby Jasper Quintet

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