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Geeks on a Mission: In Their Own Words
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Lucrative employment beckons, but they donate their summer vacations to work in developing nations around the world. They work as professional consultants, peers to the top executives in their client organizations, and, for these organizations, the work is critical. The clients receive top-notch professional assistance, and the students have an experience not available in any classroom. They are a new breed of young professional. I was the same five-foot five-inch girl that arrived on June 5, barring a tan, a birthday, and maybe a few pounds. But I had grown. So tall. - Hermona Tamrat, Peru 2012 'Do you believe you really made a difference ...' a radio interviewer ... asked me. I responded, 'Yes, I do ... but I believe it made more of an impact in my life. It gave me confidence and helped me believe in myself. It helped me believe that I could do something big.' - Adrienne White, Ghana 2008 The volunteering experience has made me realize that, while I may not be able to completely change the world with my actions, I am able to do small things that make a difference. I hope to change the world - one step at a time. - Yixin Liu, Palau 2009 I think I'll be volunteering for the rest of my life. I guess you can take the girl out of Peace Corps, but you can't take the Peace Corps out of the girl! - Kathryn (Kayt) Dickens, Ghana 2008 I don't take for granted the opportunities I've had in life. I consider myself very fortunate. I benefited from my family, and I am very grateful for the values and culture they passed on to me. So I think that someone like me, privileged to attend some of the best schools in the United States, has an obligation to contribute to the political, social and economic improvement of developing countries in Africa. - Alimou Bah, Rwanda 2011 Alex Hills is Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has found ways to teach and encourage a new generation of young professionals to help solve problems of poverty, health and other ills that face the world. Working with his colleague, Professor Joseph Mertz, he advises and mentors students serving as consultants in developing nations. Dr. Hills has also written about the early days of Wi-Fi technology in his book Wi-Fi and the Bad Boys of Radio.

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