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Who's My Bottom?
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'Very funny, painfully honest, and invariably true. A real insight into a working opera singer's life.' - Nicholas Hytner. 'The descriptions of rehearsals are very funny.' - Ian Hislop. 'It's no exaggeration to say that Who's My Bottom? made me laugh out loud, abruptly and in public places, many times--and brought tears to my eyes at others.' - Steven Blier. 'LOVED it. It was a terrific, can't put it down read. It arrived two days ago and is already dog eared! I loved his style of writing and his frankness and honesty were both refreshing and beguiling. Great.' - Graham Clark 'I loved it..I Iaughed till I cried...and I think you are a bloody genius!' - Susan Bullock. 'Terrific. By turns hilarious and touching.' - Clive Bayley

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