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Vega Sicilia Unico 2009 Rotwein Trocken
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Die Geschichte des Weingutes Vega Sicilia geht auf das Jahr 1842 zurück, als Don Toribio Lecanda karges Weideland am Ufer des Duero kaufte. Damals ahnte er nicht, dass er hiermit den Grundstein zu einem Mythos legte. Don Toribio ging nach Bordeaux, um dort Rebsetzlinge der Sorten Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Malbec, Merlot und Pinot Noir zu kaufen. Hauptrebsorte bleibt jedoch die ortsübliche Tempranillo, hier Tinto Fino genannt. Im Jahr 1915 wurde der erste Vega Sicilia auf den Markt gebracht. Eine Weinlegende war geboren. Robert Parker's Wineadvocat vergibt stole 98 Punkte für diesen Jahrgang: 'I tasted a bottle of the 2009 Único blind and was taken by the freshness, the red fruit notes and the Burgundian-like characteristics of this vintage, which on paper was quite warm and dry. I also tasted the 2009 Valbuena, which is always more approachable, and was blown away by its aromatics. With time in the glass the Único opened up and got closer to the character of Valbuena but with more depth and clout, while showing extremely elegant. I tasted it again in the context of all the wines from the group, and it delivered all that I saw when I tasted it blind. It takes some time to unfurl its aromatic palette, and it feels young and somewhat undeveloped, younger than it is. It has a touch that made me think of the old vintages of Único on the nose but with very polished tannins and a soft mouthfeel that provides elegance. This is a wine that ages for no less than ten years before it's released. 2009 seems like a great vintage for Vega Sicilia, much better than what I anticipated. It should develop nicely in bottle. 74,274 bottles, 3,390 magnums, 209 double magnums and 22 imperials were produced. It has been in bottle since June 2015.' (Luis Gutiérrez, Jan. 2019)

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